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Yes Just Blame Us For Everything

So there are over 20 people in our department and there are 4 technicains, 3 that actually do any lab work.

Except for a few who actually do their own testing or at least help mostly everyone else sits in their office, goes to meetings. And we get just stuff dumped on us, but then again that is what we are personal slaves to the majority of the department.

I am constantly asking for them to hire more people who actually do lab work but now, there is no money in the budget for that, only more people to look down on us.

Yet we get blamed for everything that is wrong with this department. We are to blame for the integrity of the department. Not the guy who tell anyone and everyone who will listen that his stuff is stable and perfect but does not seem to have any data to show us.

I have just about had it with this place.

4 more days and vacation. F*** this place.
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