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I am having so much fun

I was serenaded again last night. He took me to a new faery garden. It was a truly magical place. When he played the flute there was an echo that reverberated though out the garden.

Many of the creatures who were there came out to listen. We will probably go there more often.

I showed him the house I am going to buy. Then we went to the garden.

After that we went to find dance pose balls. I have been looking for some good belly dancing moves that flow better than the free ones. We went to one place my friend Willow recommended, very sexy dancing. I guess it is where most of the dancers go to get their moves.

He started dancing on one of the pose platforms but thought it would be better for the ladies to dance, so I got up there and ended up doing some sort of stripping moves. The first words out of his mouth were "Oh my" *hehe*

He told me earlier he thought he looked ridiculous dancing so he made himself even more so *lol* He changed out of his elven knight outfit and put on a tutu and ballet slippers and started sampling all the dances. It was a sight to see. I ran into Willow and we talked a bit then I went to join him. We both bought the same dances.

We went to another store and I found something similar to belly dancing and he go a ballet dance. We headed to the drumming circle and had fun until we both crashed. Once we got back we danced again. This time I got into my belly dancing outfit and started dancing.

I was sad I had to get off, but I need to sleep sometime. I am a little sad I am going to Hendy now since I am having so much fun. He will still be there when I get back and will be happy to see me. *grin*

Half day Friday, so get to get on line earlier. Or maybe able to take a nap and not lose any Second Life time. I do have to get ready for my camping trip though. I will do that tomorrow.
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