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Well I gave my feedback yesterday. Not like it is going to do any good. Liz is not his boss anymore. Cris is his boss now. Hopefully she will set his a$$ straight. He cant treat his people like crap, or at least most of his people. He treats one person like gold. She can get away with everything.

Although my cynical mind is thinking it is not going to happen. I know Cris and she seems to care about some things and has gone to BB and bitched about the whole system in general but is she going to stick to Maha's party line? Or is she going to make things better for everyone. Is she even going to talk to me to have the "get to know you" session.

I realized last night I have no ownership on anything that I do, it is all about stuff being dropped on my lap and told to do. I cant believe that things have gotten that bad. I think it is because I work on projects with Lachelle and since she is new she values my opinion on how to do things, run tests.

I just wish this day could be over right now. Although that would mean I would be running around like a mad woman trying to get everything for a friends birthday party tonight. I still have to call her and find out what type of cake she wants.

This labor day weekend just has messed up my timing on everything.
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