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Woke up at 2 am

Not happy about it, suffering today.

I am prepping for testing today so lots of sitting down and filling out formula cards. Got a Coke, should kick in soon.

I an going to go for a walk at lunch, that should help I hope.

I had to reset my modem so my mom can use the PC for her MLS updates. She wanted to do it when I got back from work. Heck no, that is my SL time. My suitor is waiting for me. *grins*

I got off line last night and reset it and turned on the computer. MacFee or what ever it is called was updating so I knew it would take a long time for me to actually be able to use the computer. In the morning I tried it out and I left it on the Yahoo page. Hopefully she takes the hint. She better. I dont want her playing all passive aggressive for "my benefit". I dont need to feel anymore negative energy that I actually do now.

Some random guy on SL dumped all his problems since 2002 on me in IM at the drumming circle. I did not realize how much it effected me because I was paying attention to a story someone else was telling to the group. It wasnt until too late that I notice my energy level was diving. I have been running a few ritual to shake it off, but I think it will take a few times to start feeling normal.

The walk will help, the MM email quote as well. I will just start pulling in positive energy. I will feel better after I do. 1.5 hours till my walk. Looking forward to it.

Full Moon this weekend. Looking forward to that as well.
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