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He is out sick today. What a lovely Friday it is, and his new boss wants to talk to me and get to know me better. And off-site.

Things may be getting better for me.

I had my great managers meeting. It was good but still the whole pay scale issue came up and not happy. Dont like listening to the party line. And people telling me that they are stuggling as well, considering that they make twice as much as I do.

Also the comparisons to other places that have technicians and the pay is comparable. Well they are pretty much pairs of hands, we are required to go above and beyond. We have to write reports, interpret data, make next steps.

Still does not feel very valued. So the day is bitter sweet.

Had a thank you lunch for the product we launched back in January. we got this bag, brand name Timbuk2 with Clorox Anywhere in large letters. I love the product. Dont get me wrong and I am proud that I was able to work on it and helped develop it. I believe in it but wish I got something a little less bulky. A nice sure with a small logo would have been nice. The guy giving us the bag was wearing one. I will figure out something to do with it. Figuring I dont have access to the other one I got for the Read-Mop launch.
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