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OMG cant this day suck anymore than it is...

We have an all day meeting today. I left. I am not going back. I am too pissed to just sit there.

Our VP wants to do this yet he spends all his time having side conversations when the speakers are talking. The upper technical people spend all their time tooting their own horn delaying everyone.

I cant take it anymore. Now in the mail I get a past due bill for something I submitted last month to the day. These people have already threatened to not sell to us because of the lack of paying them. I thought that me sending the bill with the right accounting code would make it go faster.

Well I guess we just wont be able to run these tests because we burned the supplier too much.

I want this day to be over.

SL is down too. Does not matter right now but might still be when I get home.
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