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Ugh hate the smelll of Asphalt

They are repaving some parts of the parking lot here at work. I cant stand the smell, it makes me sick. Also my car is boxed in, I dont know how I am going to get out when it is time for me to leave. Annoying.

They are doing a quick job though, faster than what I have seen on the public roads. I find that interesting. They were jackhammering at 6:15 this morning. Totally messed up my prework nap. Oh well, I will just be tired tonight again.

I have a coven meeting, I think. My HPS has not confirmed that we are meeting. I am just assuming we are now.

My nephew is sick :-( I will be helping my sis out tomorrow night cause b-i-l will be out drinking that night. I hope I will not be sick. I can afford to get sick, esp in August. The prime sick time is still months away.
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