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I can never win

I have been sleeping longer hours lately. Sleep is good but now that I am catching up on my sleep THIS happens.

I was woken up rather rudely at 1am this morning. I can only assume that the people next door were on some sort of drugs cause they were still up when I left this morning for work. Anyway luckily for me two men decided to go out on their deck and proceed to either argue or have some sort of heartfelt conversation cause all I hear over and over and over again was "you know me know me"

I ended up going onto the couch but I could still hear them. Ugh it is was annoying. Usually the couch is comfortable as well, well not last night. I just got too hot. Plus I was concerned I would not hear my alarm even though I turned it way up before I went into the living room.

Now that I know what house it is if they do it again I will call the police. No freaking consideration for others.

I am going to ask for a half day vacation today. I wish I could have put in earplugs but I am afraid I will miss my alarm.
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