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Weird Feeling This Way

So SL got borked/griefed over the weekend. Someone(s) were setting off these huge particle makers all over the lands/sims.

We wanted to get away from the stress cause I had a headache and just had a tooth filling put in. The stress followed us lol. We went boating in the sims that allowed boating. Well we wanted to go to someplace new but these placed had lots of water and were named after seas of the world but they were no build, what was up with that. That annoyed us then these huge Linden Dollars started spouting out everywhere.

We finally went to a place we went before and then these dollars showed up again. Ended up picking us and the boat up and carrying us over 4 sims and dropping us. We say a brand new av, so that had to be the person but I did not write the name down. :-(

Yesterday morning. Ugh. Right before work I went to say goodbye to my honey and when he came back home he found a guy standing at the end of our bed. The guy tried to get into my house 68 times according to my door, well I guess he tp'd in anyway. What part of "you do not have permission to use this door" did he not understand. Oh well, he was new so he now knows better.

Later that morning another person showed up at my place, either in or just outside my house and while having an innocent one-sided conversation with me proceeded to use magic on me and "take" my soul. TG for Force Prophecies that I was able to see that this happened to me and was able to record it as well. She also left something on my land and I returned it to her.

This one is more tricky, the person has stuff in a shop on the sim I lease land on. I gave the notecard to one of the Queens. I dont know what will be done if anything. When I reported the guy in the house I just got a "is he still there?" question later on. I put up my own security. A notecard was sent to the person who did it to me to let her know that we know what she did. Don't know what will come of it.

I feel violated though from it. It was as if someone was at the end of my bed and attacking me in RL. I guess I am the same person either way. This little av is part of me.

Lots of ups and downs last night. I hope it will be better today. Although I see I have crashed already today :-( I crashed early last night. I had to log back in this morning when I got up. Now I have crashed again. *sigh*. I bet I crashed around 8:30 again. I dont know group notices dont show up until 10am so it could have happened anytime between when I left and now. I will find out when I get home.
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