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Isnt Chlorine a Gas? How can it spill on the ground?

Crash on I-680 Releases Chlorine into Air

Updated October 3, 2007 at 8:25 a.m.

DUBLIN (KRON) - Officials are warning to commuters in Dublin to drive with their windows rolled up and vents closed following an accident resulting in a chlorine spill.

The CHP says a pickup truck carrying several gallon containers of chlorine crashed while heading northbound on I-680 near the turnoff to 580. When the truck overturned, some of the chlorine spilled out into the road. Nearby neighbors say a strong smell of bleach in the air.

Reporting live, KRON 4's Jackie Sissel says the Alameda County Hazmat team just arrived and is currently assessing the situation.

Officials have shut down the connecting ramps on 580 to 680 as well as the 680 to 580. They have also closed northbound 680 and are diverting traffic to eastbound 680.

KRON 4's Mark Tamayo says while a strong wind could lift the noxious chemical, unfortunately the winds around that area are quite calm and are moving at about three to four miles per hour.

Stay with the KRON 4 morning news for more on this developing story.
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