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So I have had these people constantly call me on my cell. I have looked up the numbers and the is extensive complaints and saying they are telemarketers or just spammers.

I have not been getting any voicemail messages from them so I have just ignored them or shut off my phone and reported them to the Do Not Call List.

Well one finally left a message. It seems I have a bill that I have not paid. Well this bill was sent to a Hayward address. A place I have not lived in for over 10 YEARS!!!!!!!!

Jeeze. I let them take money out of my account to pay it off cause I want my phone back, I hate having to keep it off all the time. Also my credit is the one that is getting affected, not whoever did this. And since they say they have me phone number and SS# then it has to be me. Fine. I am just going to make sure that they do not take any more than they say. I already called my bank to let them know to only let them have what they are going to take. The company to their credit are going to credit the late fees, cause like I said I have not lived at that address for over 10 years.
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