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Interesting Dream

I have a theory that it is possible to be in other people's dreams.

I was with my honey on SL and he fell asleep, we still both had on our headphones and I could hear him sleep.

Side note: this is what made it so easy when I went to visit him in Scotland to sleep next to him. I was so used to falling asleep listening to him breath.

Anyway I fell asleep to, listening to his regular breathing. Suddenly he was there. We were talking. We were walking in a garden. At one point he ingulfed me in his arms and wrapped one of his legs over mine, and said something about holding eachother while we fall asleep.

I would feel his arms around me, it was a very lucid dream. But unfortunately it was a little of a shock and ended up waking me up. I miss having his arms around me so I was disappointed that I did wake up.

He breathing changed too, but he then sleepily said "good night sweetheart" and was able to fall alseep again. I stared at the ceiling pondering what had just happened until I was able to fall asleep again.

He at least has four pillows on his bed so he can sleep on his side and still wear his headset. I dont have that on the air mattress infront of my computer. Right before I fell asleep I had to take them off.

I wish someone could make a headset that was pliable enough so you did not have to sleep on your back if you wanted to keep wearing them. I dont want them stuck in my ears either. I think my hearing would go bad having the sound so close to the drum like that.




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